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The ECMO Ambulance

Moments when every minute is critical

Magen David Adom joins other countries, such as the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States in using a special vehicle equipped with the ECMO machinery, for patients who go into cardiac arrest.

This uniquely characterized vehicle has a working environment adapted to the needs of an operating room, on wheels. This allows the team to perform even more complex procedures on the way to the hospital and in the field.

This ambulance includes full MICU equipment, a unique electric bed for seriously ill patients, a place for accompanying the patient, a driver, five crew members, and even a special medicine refrigerator.

An important procedure that has been made possible to do in this particular ambulance is the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO Procedure). It pumps and oxygenates a patient’s blood outside the body, allowing the heart and lungs to rest while the patient is being transported.

In the past, patients who went into cardiac arrest and underwent unsuccessful CPR in the field – were rushed to the hospital, in difficult conditions, rushed for time, and had limited resources for extreme cases.

In order to solve this problem, MDA paramedics, nurses and doctors from the Shamir Medical Center have undergone extensive training for handling the ECMO procedure. This is practiced already in the field, thereby significantly shortening time of connection to the device and in end saving lives. for more information visit:


We are in need of First Responder Motorcycles and Medical Supplies

From anti-government protests to violent confrontations with Palestinians during Ramadan, Israel is mired in internal conflict and declining morale. This has contributed to the threat of continued escalation as Israel’s enemies are trying to lure her into a multi-front conflict.

During this Passover, rather than experiencing a time of joyous festivity, many in the nation are in mourning and burying their loved ones. This week alone brought indiscriminate car rammings, shootings, and rockets, claiming the lives of innocent civilians.
The responsibility and workload of MDA rapid response teams and blood services have been enormous.
Please support the work of Israel’s only National Medical Rescue Organization by donating towards a First Responder’s much-needed motorcycle.

Protect Our Nation’s Blood Supply

The Marcus National Blood Center Fundraiser

Every 17 seconds, someone in Israel needs blood. Human blood has no substitute it is a liquid that gives life. Israel is now launching full operations of its new state-of-the-art blood bank center in Ramla but needs your help. This will process and safely store nearly all of Israel’s blood donations for both civilians and members of the Israel Defense Forces. It’s not just Jewish blood, it’s Muslim blood and Christian blood.

The new facility doubles Israel’s blood capacity and it will be protected from missiles, biological and chemical warfare, and earthquakes. Your donation will go to establishing the Cyber-com room that will protect Israel’s blood supply.

MDA Overseas Volunteer Program

OVP Training

The Magen David Adom Organization is a voluntary association which aims to facilitate volunteering activities and encourages acquiring skills and providing first aid. MDA arranges events and seminars to promote the training of active volunteers from all nationalities, and works to increase the skills of saving lives. Magen David Adom has over 26,000 volunteers of all ages. The volunteers are active in providing medical care to patients whether that be on an ambulance, in an MDA station, or at a blood drive.


Why Volunteer for MDA O.V.P (Overseas Volunteers Program)

Israel offers a unique experience both in a professional and personal sense. With MDA overseas volunteer program, participants are exposed to Israeli culture while learning critical lifesaving skills. They have the opportunity to learn about emergency medicine in Israel while volunteering on ambulances in the city of their choice for 5 weeks. Volunteers complete eight-hour ambulance shifts fostering bonds with their fellow paramedics. The knowledge gained throughout this experience is invaluable. Not only will participants learn to save lives, but the experience will enhance their resume with up to 88 hours of world-renowned emergency medical training. The Volunteers undergo advanced level course scenarios such as: Learn CPR; save people wounded in different accidents; care for the sick at critical times; handle mass casualty events; provide treatment as part of a mobile ICU crew; leadership courses and more. Click below to learn more about these programs

” I will bless those who bless you… and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
Genesis 12:3

Who We Are

Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services Organization.


Israel’s national rescue organization, faithfully serves all of the country’s population, providing first-aid and emergency medicine, medical training and life-saving blood.

We operate as an integral part of the Israeli scene in helping the needy and the sick, caring for the wounded and injured, every day of the year. Our team rescues victims of accidents, terror and wars, and all peoples throughout Israel.

Today, MDA has grown into one of the world’s largest services and is sending first responder teams to disaster areas around the globe. MDA manages 127 emergency medical stations in Israel alone with over 14,000 volunteers.


CFMDA gives Christians around the world the opportunity to bless Israel in a meaningful way. We are a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that serves all people living in Israel.

Christians Friends of Magen David Adom are involved in many aspects of supporting Israel: not only do our supporters raise funds and contribute with ambulances and other equipment, but they also advocate on Israel’s behalf, visit the Holy Land, donate their blood and receive training in emergency response care.

We look forward to see you here in Israel and be part of this amazing blessing!

“Comfort, comfort my people,
says your God”
Isaiah 40:1

Our Vision

We Stand with Israel

God is great! He raised our nation out of the ashes of the Holocaust and fulfilled Biblical prophecy to bring His people home from the four corners of the earth. And He is still doing amazing things for Israel today.

Israel is not alone, and we stand with God to affirm that. As Christians, you cast your vote by your actions, and standing with Israel is a non-negotiable pillar of your faith.

We will not tolerate a world without Israel. We need to support and nourish the root as the root supports us to be a light to the world. There is no more direct way to show our support for Israel than through the service of Magen David Adom, helping Israel to be strong physically, and through our prayers for her to continue to thrive spiritually.

Our Mission

Saving lives in the Holy Land

Christians around the world can play a powerful role and show their compassion.

What better way can you find to save lives in the Land, by helping Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical services organization.

CFMDA is recruiting a whole new generation of supporters of Magen David Adom from the Christian world. Join us in founding a branch in your country or volunteering in your local branch!

Jerusalem Parade

Additional ways to donate

Suggested projects for you or your church fellowship

  • Medical Consumables

  • Medical Consumables

  • Emergency Stretchers

  • Medi-cycle

  • Ambulance

  • MICU

“Whoever saves a single soul…
it is as though he has saved the entire world.”

Our Team

 It is a privilege to work with MDA to save lives in the Holy Land

Anne Ayalon

Anne Ayalon is the President of CFMDA, serving for the past 4 years. She gives much of her time to promoting interfaith relations, educating Christians about Israel and the Jewish roots of their faith.
As the wife of Israel’s former Deputy Foreign Minister and former Ambassador to the U.S., Anne has traveled extensively, lecturing about the facts and realities of Israel, and championing causes that build communications and joint efforts between Israeli and international organizations.

For the past 25 years, Anne has been involved primarily in business-to-business marketing and has served in numerous senior management positions in the hi-tech industry prior to founding Springboard, a marketing consulting firm to internetworking companies and Hod Ayalon, a business consulting firm.

Holding dual citizenship for Israel and the U.S. , she has an MBA specializing in International Business.

Elana Watson

Elana Watson is a native Canadian that has spent the majority of her life in Israel. She is the daughter of the Founders of the International Christian Embassy and the annual Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. Coming from a musical family, singing has been an integral part of Elana’s life.

Throughout her life she has been promoting the good news from Israel through her career as an international performer and recording artist, a spokesperson on many Israeli-related topics and as a Hebrew teacher to many Christian audiences across the globe.

Currently, she works in Tourism creating itineraries for Believers to come even closer to understanding the Jewish heart and mind by sharing in local Sabbath fellowship meals attending local music and cultural events and learning scripture with local scholars and rabbis. She has been working as the Canadian Desk of CFMDA for 2 years prior to her appointment as Director of CFMDA.

Our Board Members

Becky Brimmer

Rev. Rebecca Brimmer

Int'l President, CEO Bridges for Peace
Benci kreisman

Mr. Benci kreisman

Chris Mitchell

Mr. Chris Mitchell

Bureau Chief, CBN
Ellisa Moed

Ms. Elisa Moed

Founder, CEO, Travelujah
Rev. David Pileggi

Rev. David Pileggi

Rector, Christ Church, Jerusalem
Pedro Santos

Rev. Pedro Santos

Beit Immanuel, Tel Aviv
Klarina Shpitz Amiram

Klarina Shpitz Amiram

Director, The Truth About Israel
Danny Schwartz

Mr. Danny Schwartz

Fr Koryoun Hovnan Baghdasarryan

Fr Koryoun

Chancellor to Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Exie Schlossberg

Exie Schlossberg

Tour Guide
Connie Wilson

Connie Wilson

Founder, Capital Connections

““… and I will show you my faith
by my deeds.”
James 2:18

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