Our Campaigns

Each Campaign comes from a specific need, largely for here in Israel but also abroad. Magen David Adom has unique capabilities for multiple casualty and first responder disaster relief. This makes MDA a great partner to help other nations in crisis. Your support for these International Campaigns helps Israel be a light to the nations.

Our work here in Israel helps fund critical and urgent needs. In emergencies, MDA is often working under pressure and difficult constraints and we are mindful that our support with equipment and training helps save lives.

MDA Urgently Needs Medi-cycles

Watch the Medi-cycle in Action!

Magen David Adom needs Medi-cycles (Medical Motorcycles) in the metropolitan areas where they can maneuver quickly thru congested traffic to arrive within minutes of the call.

The EMT First Responders are volunteers who have received hours of medical training. When the EMT First Responder receives a call, he immediately leaves his workplace and is the first to the scene and begins immediate patient treatment until the ambulance arrives. The First Responder collects all the information about the victim for the ambulance and hospital, for appropriate medical treatment.

The Medi-cycle Includes:

  • High Performance Motor Cycle
  • EMT First Aid Kit
  • Defibrillator
  • Birthing Kit
  • Helmet
  • Protective Clothing
Amir Khouri

In Honor of Amir Khoury

Dedicating a Medi-cycle

Israel-Arab Christian Police officer, Amir Khoury, gave his life to stop a terrorist attack in central Tel Aviv this week. Hailed a hero by hundreds of Jews and Christians alike, they praised him for his courage and love of Israel.

We want to dedicate a first responder Medi-cycle in his name, as he was also a first responder. His name shall be blessed and commemorated in saving lives.

Please help us honor our Christian brother.

Thank you for your donations.

We have met our goal!

We will let you know the date of the dedication.

armored ambulances in Ukraine

Ukraine is in a crisis!

Sending bulletproof ambulances to Ukraine

MDA is preparing bullet proof ambulances to be sent immediately to protect the Ukrainian people in the most dangerous situations and bring them safely to nearby hospitals.

Together we can sponsor these ambulances and fill them with medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

Let’s put our prayers in to action.

Please donate now to this urgent need.

Sending Medi-cycles to Armenia

Raising funds for 10 Medi-cycles

The Armenian Christen Community has reached out to us for emergency rescue vehicles. We want to give them 10 fully equipped First Responder Medi-cycles that are capable of reaching those in congested areas and disaster zones.

We entreat each of you with your ministries to participate in this campaign to raise $400,000. We must offer some hope, support and aid to the Christians of Armenia.

Bridges for Peace 2017 dedication

A big thank you to our donors

May God’s Peace Be With You

We are filled with joy and gratitude for the generosity of our donors, our board members, and our volunteers. You are showing your faith by your deeds, and God’s Hand is all over Israel.

In Genesis 12:3 God clearly states that he will bless those who bless Israel.

We wish you His grace and blessings.