MDA Volunteers

Magen David Adom Volunteers

The Magen David Adom Organization is a voluntary association which aims to facilitate volunteering activities and encourages acquiring skills and providing first aid. MDA arranges events and seminars to promote the training of active volunteers from all nationalities, and works to increase the skills of saving lives. Magen David Adom has over 26,000 volunteers of all ages. The volunteers are active in providing medical care to patients whether that be on an ambulance, in an MDA station, or at a blood drive.


Volunteer for MDA O.V.P (Overseas Volunteers Program)

Israel offers a unique experience both in a professional and personal sense. With MDA overseas volunteer program, participants are exposed to Israeli culture while learning critical lifesaving skills. They have the opportunity to learn about emergency medicine in Israel while volunteering on ambulances in the city of their choice for 5 weeks. Volunteers complete eight-hour ambulance shifts fostering bonds with their fellow paramedics. The knowledge gained throughout this experience is invaluable. Not only will participants learn to save lives, but the experience will enhance their resume with up to 88 hours of world-renowned emergency medical training. The Volunteers undergo advanced level course scenarios such as: Learn CPR; save people wounded in different accidents; care for the sick at critical times; handle mass casualty events; provide treatment as part of a mobile ICU crew; leadership courses and more.

If you are interested in participating in the training courses and volunteering in Israel please contact us at: and cell# +972-50-2150636


Youth Volunteers Program

The great importance of the young volunteers program is particularly significant in multi-casualty incidents. During such events, the volunteers reach the site of the incident within minutes and assist the teams in treating and evacuating casualties. This powerful and efficient force has proven itself repeatedly during terror attacks occurring in Israel during recent years. The Youth volunteers assist the teams while outside of the scene of events, where their lives are not in danger. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Israeli’s who require MDA services, get to see these young angels at work. This noteworthy youth activity, which has been going on continuously for dozens of years now, is quite extraordinary. The youths’ willingness to meet challenges posed by courses and spend their vacation time serving the general public is truly great and heartwarming. The many hours invested by the young volunteers would probably earn them additional matriculation units yet many of these teenagers regard their difficult and demanding tasks as both personal and a national mission.

MDA volunteers represent all sectors of population and nationality: Jews, Christians and Muslims, religious and secular, immigrants and natives, urban residents and members of the rural settlements. Giving the opportunity to Acknowledge the ability to live together in one organization and certainly in one country. Among MDA volunteers are new immigrants from the CIS and Ethiopia, working side by side with their native “Sabra” peers. The shared operational and social activities contribute significantly to the integration of new immigrant youths in Israeli society. Many International youth often return to continue to participate in the medical field in their own country. And many of MDA volunteers continue volunteering even during their IDF service and return to MDA, for recruitment as adult volunteers.


To participate in MDA’s overseas volunteer program, you must me between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. The program costs differ depending on the level of training desired.

The cost of a 6-week basic first responder program is $1,300 without application fees. This includes 10 days of MDA emergency medical service training, living accommodations for 10 days, and 6 weeks of medical insurance.

The cost of a 6-week advanced first responder program is $750 without application fees This includes 8 days of MDA advanced emergency medical training, living accommodations for 8 days, and 6 weeks of medical insurance. They must pass a final exam, both theoretical and practical.

60/88-hour ambulance first responder training
8-hour ambulance shifts in different cities throughout Israel
Experience and opportunity to save lives.


If you are interested in participating in the training courses and volunteering in Israel please contact us at: and cell# +972-50-2150636